When is a Dogg a Lion?

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Who am I (what’s my name)? After a recent sabbatical to Jamaica to get in touch with his African roots, Snoop (Doggy) Dogg has now reinvented himself as the reggae artist - Snoop Lion.

Citing his children as his inspiration (he won’t perform his profanity-laced rapping in front of them) Snoop has jumped into the reggae world.

With Reincarnation, a new album and accompanying documentary movie out in 2013, Snoop Lion is looking to a new genre to conquer the charts once again. Using his trendsetting lyrical style and unmistakable voice to the spread a positive rasta energy, Snoop is in uncharted waters. However, no matter what his name is, it still “ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”