Snowlizard iPhone case

Tired of your iPhone’s battery dying four hours into your 12-hour flight?

Remember dropping it in the jacuzzi just when things were heating up, or the 3rd time your screen shattered? What about the last time you were hiking or fishing and you just needed to make one call: you had one signal bar, but the battery picture was just a sliver of red? SnowLizard has your iPhone covered with the first ever battery-powered, solar-charged, rugged waterproof iPhone case that is made of polycarbonate, military-standard materials and has rubber grips. It is also waterproof down to two meters and is designed with extra battery life in mind.

The case is a little bit bulky but the touch screen and buttons work the same as normal with the the only noticeable difference that when talking on the phone voices sounds a bit distant. Additionally you can’t plug in your headphones as the ultra- durable case, does completely seal and protect the electronics. Designed with the sea in mind, this case is a great tool for sailing and boating and keeps your electronics from getting wet.

The SLXtreme is available for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6 as well as iPad.