A life Unbound

Cruising into New Territory

The smooth hum of the twin-engine otter lulls the senses. I can barely keep my eyes open while dreamily staring out the old, scratched window at a kaleidoscope of blue south pacific pierced by the lush jagged mountains.

The past days have been a long journey. My departure from central java began with a three-hour taxi ride to go to Jakarta. From there, I hopped another flight to Hong Kong and eventually had a layover in Nadi. When the plane lands, I will have another hour or so of driving to meet up with some friends in Savusavu.

The past 20 years has been a long journey. I have been around the world standing on the wing of a jet; my eco-sensitive desires destroyed by my carbon footprint.

After prep school, I was lucky enough to take a quick trip around the world. My parents hoped that this trip would quench my thirst for travel and allow me to focus on university. Things didn’t work out that way.

My life experience is a bit eccentric. I have lived in developing countries for years on less than $100 USD a month, experiencing the third world in a way few gringos have. I have created, managed and invested in companies around the world. I have partied with the jet set in exclusive playgrounds; danced in clubs; enjoyed fast cars; boutique hotels; and swank wine and food. I am comfortable with dirt floors and cardboard walls but intimately know the finer fruits of mammon.

I lust for adventure; new cultures, people, languages, places and opportunities. I’m often hiking or camping, exploring unknown beaches and mountain peaks. Sometimes I stay in hole-in-the-wall places, while at others I’ll sleep in exclusive villas. There is nothing I enjoy more than the tranquillity of lapping waves on a remote island, yet I am often dancing to the rhythmic beat of live music or DJs’ mixes in major cities. There is nothing quite like the feel of something new.

Leaving your comfort bubble offers great insights into global issues, presents intriguing offshore investment opportunities and allows you insight into unique world views. You’ll cross paths with incredible people while traveling, who may become friends for a lifetime, or only five minutes (often simultaneously). Locals have incredible stories that most media doesn’t talk about. Ex-pats and other travellers also often share unusually brilliant experiences.

In a modern world with invasive and punitive governments, where masses rule the individual and there are constant rumours of economic collapse there has never been a better time to be a perpetual traveller (PT).

As the small plane descends into a simpler world, the deep green jungle contrasts a grey tropical sky. We touch down on the narrow potholed grey airstrip at Labasa. It’s time to share a life unbound.


Co-Publisher, ptUnbound, Nisbet Publishing