$49 Ticket to Paradise

Want to get away from it all and escape to paradise?  Imagine trading your office space for a picturesque scenery on a Pacific Island retreat, your dreaded morning commute on a crowded highway for a walk along a wandering path through the tropics, your suit and tie for flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt, and your monotonous routine for an enjoyable lifestyle. 

Thanks to Doug and Sally Beitz, an Australian couple raffling off their tropical resort, average citizens have the chance to own a piece of paradise for as little as US$49.  The couple has spent the last two decades developing a profitable resort and scuba diving business on the island of Kosarae.  The couple will draw the winning ticket July 26, and lucky prizewinner will become the new owner of the 16-room fully staffed Kosrae Nautilus Resort.  The resort also includes a one- and two-bedroom family residence, a four-bedroom manager’s quarters, the scuba diving business, eight cars, a restaurant, and US$10,000 in the business bank account. 

At least 50,000 tickets must be sold by July 26 for the sale to be finalized, which would equal a sale price of approximately US$2.45m.  If the minimum threshold is not met, the ticket drawn will receive half of the funds raised as a cash prize. A single ticket costs US$49, or packs of 10 may be purchased for US$349.  

For full details and regulations visit: https://wintheislandestates.com/enter/