Unbound Party or post of love to our friends!

I think some of you, my lovely readers, still remember that we have not just appeared in the Caribbean. Of course,we are here to enjoy the sun, sea and charming island life, but in fact we have the very important mission - we are making a travel magazine with an inventor flavour.. Much time we spend in front of our laptops in the office or any other wifi-covered area, but sometimes - and this is a very enjoyable part of our work, we get our partners and advertisers together and make a nice party! 

Our Unbound-party took place on July 17 in St. Kitts in a wonderful restaurant Palms Court Gardens with the finest views on Basseterre, cruise terminal and the southern cape of our island.
How glad we were to see the guests - advertisers, partners and guys who help us make our ptUnbound magazine! They made our evening, as well as live music performed by inimitable Mr. Lloyd Williams.

Many thanks to all who pleased us in the evening with their presence: Don Lockman from Pelican Bay development and his beautiful wife, Roger Brisbane, whose mimosas made one Saturday in Spice Mill, Desigen Vythilingum from Yu Lounge St. Kitts, Ellena Skerritt from Range Developments and her wonderful friend, William Anderson represented mega-development Christophe Harbour, Kevin Edwards from LIME and Alison Philip, Denese Wilson and with a friend, Patrizia Salles and her beautiful sister Janet Thrasher both represented Mirableu, Tracy Thompson and her friend, Arun Maharash and Dwayne Ferguson from St. Kitts Marriott Royal Beach Casino, Nicky Lindsay and her colleagues, our gorgeous colleagues from NTL Trust - Diana Claxton with her friend and Angela Williams and her friend, Zelma Prentice and her colleagues, Smoothie from Sunshines at Nevis (no more killer bees, darling) and his friend, wonderful Lulu Boon from Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis and her friend, Jonel Powell, Wendy Steckles, her husband Garry and their friend. 

Thanks to all of you guys and see you next time!