Hurricane of change

Comfort Zone is not a place where I live. Three St. Kitts & Nevis months passed like express train, my visa expired for 16 days and this part of Caribbean is getting ready to the upcoming hurricane. Don’t you think it’s the best moment to move to a new island - unknown, unexplored and so long-awaited Antigua! Two goodbye parties - on the each island of the Federation, with my new friends whom I will be missing deadly, one sleepless night, 20 minutes in the air and the new country is welcoming me by this Summer hottest day. Antigua and Barbuda! 

After three month in charming, slow and tiny St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua is hitting me with bigger area and traffic, and I feel like village girl first time in Moscow (or New York for those who prefer this part of the world). New world is here and I will be your Columbus my adorable friends.