How we tried the most poisonous fruit in the world

Boring? Just add some poison to your routine! 

We don't know how about you, but we spent such a fantastic weekend! Actually, we still feel it in some ways... 

To have full picture of our luck and adventurous life, you can easily read this very short note from the Guinness book of world records. 

Yes, fruit (haha not fruit, but "the universe of poison" will be more correct) my friend Natalie and I occasionally ate on Saturday morning, during our nice Rum Punch beach chilling.  It was great adventure! Full palette of emotions! Action, drama and comedy in one flacon, trust me! :) I swear we had NO ideas that it is poisonous. Fruits look 100% like apples and they are quite tasty. 

Manchineel fruits

Manchineel fruits

I ate only half, Natalie just bite it, but it was enough. After less than 10 minutes, when we were swimming, we got that something might be wrong.  So after 40 minutes we were very sure that it is wrong. 

It could be not as bad as it was and we would understand what happened before, if not one thing - at that day we made a decision to leave phones at home to make our chill fuller. So, we made it, no doubts.  Barman kindly recommend us to change our Rum Punch to glass of milk and run to the hospital asap. We had no argues.

On my way to the hospital

On my way to the hospital

Just imagine that you feel like your body is burning from the inside and you feel it very strong almost from toes till head. After we read what Manchineel tree exactly is, feelings got much worser. 

Natalie was absolutely fine, except worrying about me and getting influence of my panic. 

What we can recommend to someone who eat Manchineel? Hm... don't do it in St. Kitts! You can die answering on silly questionnaire in hospital before they will give you anti acid pills, coz they just have no ideas what to do with this, and give anti acid pills to everyone (I would be not surprised if they give them just in case even if you broke your arm). 

So, if you will get something toxic, drink milk - as much as you can. I suppose it really saved us. 
Now, if one day you will want to use natural weapon, you know now what you need.

We think, we are done with eating toxic fruits looking and smelling like apples for ever.

With love, your lucky Manchineel eater from the other side of the Planet,


Manchineel trees

Manchineel trees