The Very First Post. Who and Why?

Young. Beautiful. Well-educated. Amazing work and awesome career opportunities. What could force two Russian girls to leave Moscow (for a long, and maybe forever) and move to the tiny island in the middle of nowhere? Hum, we should not blame the Russian capital. It’s no more than a spirit for adventure and burning desire to change the life - again and again. 

So, here we go! Welcome to Caribbean, Natalie and Tania!  With salty lips (sure it’s just sea breeze, not Margaritas), dancing devils under sunglasses and passion to adventures, we are working on travel magazine with an investor flavour. Our ptUnbound editorial team is the best you could ever imagine! We all live in different parts of the world and know by heart time difference between more than 9 countries to communicate with each other. We live life in its fullest! 

Tania’s and Natalie’s life has now Caribbean flavour and 100% island style understanding. Reggae, soca, rum, coconut water, pure Caribbean sea, and ocean of emotions and new experiences. Our life could be a routine, quite and enough boring if not one big BUT. One of us have natural ability of finding adventures enough for both our asses. That is what our blog about. About adventures, not about our asses, of course.