How to reach Kremlin in 17 hours without traffic jams

You fell in love with islands even more once you set out on a journey to the continent. It’s an excellent chance to try your luck and try to, firstly, arrive at the point of your final destination without any missed flights or getting any wires crossed, and, secondly, to meet all of your baggage upon arrival. 

I am heading towards Moscow. Websites compete in ticket options to match any taste, including fifty hours’ long trips for those who are particularly in love with jets, or multi-stop flights for airport fans. Yet, my personal winner is the flight from Antigua with a layover in New York.  As little as seventeen hours, and there you are! Seventeen hours is nothing, and it’s also a great opportunity to get to see my friend Tatka, who I missing a lot, on the neighbouring island.  The next milestone is to not miss the flight to New York after all of my happy encounters.


When it comes to packing, I think I can break any records. If there were a competition like this, I would know no equals.  Once I was done with the packing into my orange suitcase with Happy-Mickey Mouse of my things so chaotically dispersed between Saint Kitts and Nevis, I headed cheerfully towards the check-in counter. After sorting it out with excess luggage, the customs and a twenty minutes’ flight in an aircraft which felt more like a flying shed, I hopped into my friend’s car. I was extremely happy to see my adorable curly girl! :)  


Stopping over on Antigua and not having a swim there is such a crime. While Natalie was trying to scare me off the very idea by telling about the horrors and dangers of night swimming, I was changing from my skinny jeans and rocky T-short into my not less rocky bikini in the backseat of her “spacious” Kia. Believe me, any yogi would have given me credit for doing that!

Imagine a cinematic sunset, the white sand and myself plunging into the absolute transparency of the Caribbean Sea. I was endlessly happy! And so was the sea jelly fish which tenderly hugged my arm with its tentacles. Of course I could never have confessed that it was easier to have my arm cut off than to stand the pain. So I just watched it acquire a new shapely outline, thinking, with my eyes full of tears, of the charms of night swimming, with “crap, crap, crap” echoing in my head. 


You know, I love Natalie for countless things, but mainly that she's like a magic woman reads my minds. So she organised wonderful dinner for me in my favourite restaurant in Antigua. Two beautiful ladies in dresses and hills -- we were not less amazing, than view from Sheer Rock! All in total, plus my favourite Raspberry cocktail, did in fact help me take my mind of the recent encounter with the wilderness. 


The next morning we woke up at six and beetled off to the same beach. To our surprise, our little sunrise-lit paradise on the edge of the Earth was not as uninhabited. There were almost naked couples here and there and everywhere in the sapphire waves, clad in the love vibes eluded by the island. After a careful swim between the couples in that warmth of love, we quietly crawled out on the beach and, making as little noise as possible, ran off to the airport still wearing the romantic tiffany of the wonderful island...


Rule #1

If you decide to get into adventures in the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, we strongly recommend you to put your eye on Nevis.

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